The girls of Crystal Palace escorts

Last night, I met this sexy guy in a bar I go with the rest of the girls of Crystal Palace escorts from Even though he looked a little bit older than me, I just knew that I had to take him home with me. I think he must have liked the look of me as well as he kept glancing over my way. An hour went by and I knew that I had to make my move before anybody else did, so I went up and asked this guy if he wanted to be my sex slave.
He was sitting on his own at the bar when I asked him, and I think that he was a little bit taken back. I said it with a smile, but there was a kind of a determination in my voice and I knew that I would have to have him. He looked at me with intense brown eyes, and asked me what I would like to do to him. Licking my lips, I knew that he was up for some fun, and I signaled to rest of the girls from Crystal Palace escorts that I was going to continue to talk to this guy. There was no way he was going to slip through my fingers. Looking at the bulge in his trousers, I did not think that he would do that.
He was one of the sexiest guys that I had ever seen, and I asked him what he would like to do without his clothes on. I am not sure that he believed that I was serious, but I had been more serious about anything else in my life, and I told him that I was planning to put my handcuffs on him, and tickle him until he could not take it anymore. Of course, I would use my French feather duster that I knew so many gents appreciate.
He seemed a bit reluctant to come with me home, but when I told him I worked for Crystal Place escorts, he soon decided that he would come with me. From what I could tell he had never thought about dating Crystal Palace escorts in his entire life, but now when the chance to go home with one of the hot girls from the escort agency in Crystal Palace escorts arose, he was only too happy to take me up on my further. As we moved closer to the door, I could sense that he was getting more and more excited.
One of the other girls from Crystal Palace escorts liked the look of him as well. As a matter of fact,. We both wanted to play with this hot guy/ When I asked him if my friend from the escort agency could join us, he was surprised, but still ready to play. However, another one of the girls fancied him as well, and I thought that he might be up for that. However, when he realized that three hot ladies wanted to share his body that night, he said no. Too much to handle were his exact words. When I woke up, I could not believe my kinky dream, and I briefly wondered if I would have ever had the chance to meet my dream man. Perhaps he only existed in my dream world and in my head.

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