May 17, 2019

    What matters the most in marriage life, the one that brings the bacon- Epping Escorts

    By / May 17, 2019


    I already paid the bill. Can you take care of the food? “Ask the woman, I’m tired.” Her husband complained. You are spent on car repairs. Say it every week. Why don’t you tell me that I have to take care of all the expenses in this house? “Now the woman is annoyed.” I just told you that I have no money. What is the problem? We can take care of groceries next week, or you can use something more to buy what we need for the house, Epping Escorts says. You are better at this house, right? You never get money. Her husband answered mockingly, and the woman did not like her voice. He must be balanced, so he reacts with sarcasm. I’m in a better position, Epping Escorts from says. I work hard and everyone knows that. “It was like a blow to his affected wife. She got up from where she watched television and rushed out of the house, Epping Escorts says. A woman, who was truly stunned by the harsh words, began to cry in her room, slamming the door.


    This situation is widespread today. We live in a career-oriented society. We have a long time when women take care of the house and their children and husbands go to work, Epping Escorts says. Men and women now have the same opportunities at work. For some lucky and appropriate women, they are chosen for a better position than their men in the office. For some people out there, this can be a little embarrassing, Epping Escorts says. What’s more, if a man marries a woman in that class? One time a man told me, “I don’t think he is my friend. He is so busy all the time feeling that he always has to compete and catch up.”


    I meet young couples who live in a very simple way of life. The husband sells vegetables every morning from Monday to Friday at the nearest supermarket, Epping Escorts says. Every afternoon he goes to work at the car wash. He was not an ordinary employee, but he was allowed to wash the car because the owner knew that this man needed money for his family, Epping Escorts says. His wife stayed home to care for the baby. On weekends, the woman is washing and ironing for two families around her. Her husband stays at home to care for the baby. Within a few days he came home with old food and clothes given to him by the two families. Nowadays, they can save on food costs because it is free food and for them it is a real pleasure.


    From this couple we can learn many lessons about marriage and money, Epping Escorts says. They both work, but for days. They share responsibility for caring for babies. They never argue about who pays. No one is forced to feel bad because the others are paid better. With their scarce income, they can fulfil their basic needs. It’s supposed to be a marriage…

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